SUSU Movement
Celebrating and Supporting Entrepreneurs & Artists

Supportive Services

Supportive Services

We help entrepreneurs and creatives utilize targeted mediums and multifaceted content to promote community engagement, build visibility and increase their digital footprint. We've learned that by keeping content targeted, concise & actionable means we are better equipped to grow communities on and offline. Additionally, we offer supportive assistance and insight for both local and international creatives and entrepreneurs that streamlines success. Entrepreneur success is our main focus.


The Content Model 

A content model documents all the different types of content you will have for a given project. It contains detailed definitions of each content type’s elements and their relationships to each other. The content model is the place where you capture the structure that will inform the way your content will be assembled, reconfigured, and reused.

Digital Footprint

We use social media to widen your digital footprint and bring real people closer to your brand.  


We have skilled operations personnel and certified public accountants with years of experience scaling businesses and streamlining work streams.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see how we may help you grow and stay organized as you do so.

Additional Services

Traditional Methods

Let's develop a media list where you and your brand story are in the real world as well as the digital world.  Cross promotional sponsorships, brand influencers, journalists and events are all impactful opportunities to get seen. Reach out to map out your future plans below.