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When we say it's important to support black creations and circulate the dollar within the black community, it's because it is a tool we can use for empowerment, political legitimacy and generational wealth.  Racism, violence, inequality and an overall disregard towards the black community throughout history is a testament to why the recipients of our money are so important.  How we spend, who we support and how we build together will be the spark plug for the engine of change.  Our Real Blog covers some of the topics regarding race, economics and government and art. Eventually, we'll spell out our entire plan to be a major component in the real action to increase a new era of black entrepreneurial excellence, wealth and empowerment.  This is of course, with everyone's help.  

Whether it is unfair treatment within the department of justice, the misuse of political power and misrepresentation, we'll try to explore things from a different perspective. If you feel compelled, like it, share it or leave a comment.  The feedback will be used to improve our work. 

With Light and Love,

SUSU Movement