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The Proof

The Proof


Real Results

With so many gimmicks out there it's hard to find marketers that actually SHOW you proof.  Here's just a small sample of our work with our current and previous partners.


Facebook-Community Engagement & Sales

Wood Metal Creations came to SUSU Movement during the early phases of launch.  They have an amazing product and great website but traffic and digital leads were non-existent.  Case Details: We created multiple social media accounts, managed their content and made edits to the website to accommodate the additional traffic.  By using up to date media marketing strategies, growth hacker techniques and around the clock community engagement we began to see results. Data & Results: In a little over 4 months we created a vibrant Instagram and Facebook community totaling 3,500 followers, 750 for Facebook and a whopping 2,800 on Instagram. The image below is just a small sample of the outcome of our digital marketing & community engagement activities.

Screenshot 2017-06-10 12.11.06.png

Instagram - Growth Marketing

Heritage Circle, a global fashion brand celebrating the African gentleman, had THE groundbreaking vision and beautiful website. Case Details:  SUSU Movement was employed to increase the visibility of Heritage Circle.  Through Instagram we used a targeted method to identify a specific demographic to increase awareness within communities most likely to buy-in to the brand.   Data & Results: In 15 days, we more than doubled the following by adding 500 new followers and leads. That's an estimated 35 new followers a day and 12K followers a year.  (see accompanying images). To date (written on June, 1st, 2017) they currently have 2,015 followers and potential customers or roughly 1,000 potential customers a month. 




DAY 16


Content Creation - Visibility & Exposure

Little Proud Kid is a leading children's brand specializing in products for children of all colors and backgrounds.  Case Details: We ran a cross promotional circular digital marketing campaign for both Instagram and Facebook.  In one month our ads garnished more traffic to the website as well as a modest boost in  conversions (See the image below for a peak into our previous work)