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When We Stumble, We Must Get Back Up

I absolutely ran out of steam last month.  Two significantly jarring things have recently happened in my life.  Number 1: Tru…… got elected.  And now that I’m on this worn-out subject of a man that will soon be our prez, can we all agree that saying, writing and reading his name is cringeworthily?  There’s a lot of nicknames floating around, let’s hope a worthy one sticks.  How about Rump as in rump shaker?  Nah, I’m not feeling that either but at least I tried.  Number 2: The other recent surprise is that the Money March worked but didn’t work.  If you’ve read our website and previous blog posts you know that there was some hype around the Million Money March.  The problem, SUSU Movement and only a select few were part of that hype.  Much love to all those who found something they wanted, bought it and used the SUSU discount code!  I see you and thank you for it. We’ll be back with another rendition of the Money March in the future but seeing the low turnout really set me back a bit.  Foul heartedly I believed that a bulk of the people who messed with us on Facebook and Instagram were also interested in supporting Little Proud Kids but the fact is, people were not really that into it.  Which is fine, the numerous times I’m on the web and get bombarded by someone, some business and my own friends asking to buy and support is crazy. I support where I can but sometimes my response is to keep flicking the thumb and going down the black hole of my newsfeed as I say, ‘yeah I’ll go back to that real soon’.  But it doesn’t work like that.  If at its heart SUSU is to become a competitive website that helps to shed a light on black owned businesses and creatives, we are going to need to do more.  Involve more people.  Get some energy into this mean machine and get the ball rolling again.  As such, we will soon be releasing a call for student-interns.  Once we have a more robust team in place, you’ll see a facelift to our website and how we engage with ‘me and you, your daddy and your grandma too’.  Our heart, to support black owned businesses and artists, is not going to change, however our execution is going to shift.   So until then, keep liking and sharing the message on Facebook and Instagram as we gear up for a presumably long road full of barriers, learning opportunity and successes.  A road that can only be nourished through solidarity.  Solidarity that I see in every corner.  Solidarity that is a living breathing organism that will protect us in the face of any danger Rump Shaker may bring.   Happy New Year’s folks!

My Key Takeaways:

  1. Everyone must face failure.  It is those who see failure as an opportunity for growth that find success along the way.

  2. Our roads to success only end when we stop walking the path.  Only you can write the final chapter.  The way I see it, you can choose to end your story three ways 1) Give up and be forced to live with the ‘what ifs?’ 2) Relentlessly die trying despite the barriers 3) Keep fighting, learning, failing and trying again until success becomes the norm.

  3. It’s much easier to move boulders with a crowd of people.  No matter how strong you are, movements do not happen in vacuums. There is real power in people.

  4. Starting a business is an exciting challenge.

  5. Learning is fundamental-READ WIDELY!

By: Peyton Craig

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