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The Dangers of Not Voting Today

It's 3am and I can't sleep. There's this pervasive thought that's occupying my sleepless mind yet I can't quite describe it. A nightmare? But I'm awake now, why am I still terrified? It's the weight of uncertainty before Election Day. A day that terrifies me deeply because of the life threatening event that could potentially unfold. And it's the voter turnout that's the scariest factor.

About two days ago I came across a call to all black folks, “Don’t vote in this election”. It was from what appeared to be a young 20 something male. It grabbed me my heartstrings with a terrific grip.

My response:

For me, and I don't speak for anyone else, it's more about the dangerous alternative. It sucks that we are here but leaving an opportunity for DT to win is too dangerous for me not to vote. You've heard it before, the man has emboldened others to be outwardly racist, increased anxiety and fear for children of color, and would be a detriment to our foreign policy. Moreover, after 9/11 there has been a sweeping increase through legislation that increases executive powers after a terrorist attack (see Go It Alone Defense Doctrine). The thought was that if the USA was in danger again, we could respond quicker without much government approval. With this doctrine just the approval of our president and a few nods and daps by top generals hungry for war then, BOOM!!! Could you imagine if, and I hope it doesn't happen, we had a terrorist attack during a DT presidency??!?!? He doesn't have the capability to handle that appropriately. DT doesn't know he's running for president and not a dictatorship. As detrimental as Hilary has been with her support of bills that effected black people negatively (see Crime Bill), she in no shape, form or fashion would promote a potential nuclear war when provoked. She would never promote hatred and otherism, xenophobia, racism and bigotry that divides us and creates a deeper wedge between diverse demographics. A wedge that fosters a lack of sharing of resources which is needed in a growing class divide where people are starving. Starving to be treated humanely, starving to not be shot by police, starving for equitable education and so much more. She caters to the populous vote and as slimy and flip floppy that is, it's what all politicians do and have done for many generations. They go with what gets them elected and fortunately for us, she's on the right side of popularity this time and for most issues. Yes, the Crime Bill put mass incarceration on steroids. A bill that the vast majority of politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, widely supported. She does not get a pass for this, she will be scrutinized for her support of the bill and expected to fix the problems within the Department of Justice. And she's more likely to do so after succeeding Obama who has freed or shortened more prisoners’ sentences than any other president in history. A whooping 562 commutations over his eight year legacy. Under DT nobody would even give a rat's ass about black bodies dying in the street or rotting in prison for petty crimes. At least Hilary would and has acknowledged a need to combat systematic racism. DT when referring to Black Lives Matters, says we need to respect our police and stop lawlessness. An offensive slap in the face type of statement to say the least. He doesn't even believe the courts who exonerated the Central Park Five after serving half their life behind bars for a crime they didn't commit. A court decision to free these men that was based on DNA! What’s worse he was a catalyst for the incarceration of these innocent black and latino youth insofar as he took out $85,000 ads that stated “Bring Back the Death Penalty.  Bring Back our Police!” Could you imagine him appointing federal judges with similar disdain for facts and a knack for white supremacists pandering. "Lock Her Up" quickly becomes "Lock Those People Up" without much proof. We've already seen him go this route and when asked to apologize he can't. He won't.  This is just it, if you don't vote...fine. But if you don't vote and Hillary loses and DT wins we'll all have to face a culture that will be vastly more hostile towards all people of color. It's not that your decision to withdrawal a vote caused DT to win, it's the disillusioned people that voted for him who are responsible. But I cannot pretend your inaction will not play a part in this pivotal moment. The "I won't vote" mentality…That to me is too great a strategic y'all and I hope for clarity amongst us.

“I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes. They must serve as examples so that others will think long and hard before committing a crime or an act of violence.”-Donald Trump referring to the innocent 14 and 15 year old black and latino males from the Central Park Five case.

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By: Peyton Craig

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