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Trump Exposes Whiteness in America: Critical Race Exploration of White Supremacy

Why We Can't Seperate White Supramacy from Whiteness: It’s because to some extent white American culture is white supremacy and some can’t, they won’t, see it that way. Especially when it is encapsulated in a bubble so thick that the mere sighting of a person of color causes paresis that is attune to a deer frozen in their respective pickup truck’s headlights. Hear me out, this bubble is not one that burst so easily. It is attached to white culture from birth and it becomes more and more fastened to whiteness through the constant message that they are indeed better than us. It's the lack of black excellence in people’s worlds, the negative messaging they've received that's brainwashed black into walking handguns and their insulation of white dominated culture that's laced in violence, low levels of empathy and all other lulls of patriarchy imaginable. This is why, some political pundits, activists and social justice warriors had a call for desegregation of white hoods and an increase of diversity in white (middle America's) iconoclastic communities.  In my lovely circle, one of my social activist squad members after the election stated, "You want to do something about it, go and infiltrate their schools and teach them how to act" And I get this, I get this a lot. If we really want to change racism in America and its apparent acceptance by all Trump supporters we need to go into their world and let them know A) we're not exactly how they advertise us to be and B) stop being so bigoted, because as much as I'd like to leave it up to whites to end racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism, white people are definitely not doing all they can to kill these cultural constructs.

But I wonder does the white supremacist patriarchal bubble really burst so easily? When you strip away patriarchy & white supremacy what then becomes of whiteness? What becomes of maleness? I believe this is achievable but only to some extent. Infusing empathy in others by increasing their understanding of an outsider's lived experience is known to close relational gaps but can anyone really get the sheltered whites to understand being a minority in America? Can White liberals make a bigot see the good in their liberal ways? Marginalized people of color shouldn't have to even attempt but have inadvertently tried and succeeded in some ways. We've definitely had some amazing efforts to increase the visibility of our lived experiences by marching through cities, viral videos of black bodies in the street and successful ventures into their worlds of generational wealth. But they still didn't get it in vastly large numbers. White liberals are losing their minds over Trump’s election! They are going absolutely bananas. People of color, LGBTQ of color, minorities and women of color dreaded this so dearly not only because it would absolutely suck if Trump won but because we all knew that whiteness infected by white supremacy is freakishly unpredictable. And most whites just don't know racism like people of color and immigrants do. The vast majority of white liberals have lost their mind like “how can we be so racist and bigoted?” I can even go into how many times I’ve heard “I’m ashamed to be white”. They are shocked and embarrassed to be a part of something they believe to detest, which is racism, bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny. Black folks were disappointed but less disenfranchised than our white liberal pals.  That's because white liberals still need more work to do in the empathy department. They've been marching for the last 6 days straight, they may just go until Trump is elected on January, 20th 2016. Hell they may even wait until after the rape cases are over before they throw in the towel on these protests. Look at the Occupy Movement, they brought tents?!?!?! But with Black Lives Matters, we had some people out their repping the cause for sure. Especially after Garner, Trayvonn and Sandra. But whites screaming Black Lives Matters 6 days later thinned quickly. Some just don't really have that level of empathy for Black lives and for our experience.  In the words of Black God Pantheon member the Real Ishmeal, “They just don’t get it bro”. At least the vast majority don't. However, the vast majority does have a problem when they are associated with something they so detest. It's this that is so telling. Its showing. It shows that more white people will march in the streets for days to fight the idea that they aren't as racist as this election would have Americans collectively seem. They must uphold their clean progressive image more so than they must fight social injustices against black and brown communities. Americans must support their superior image more so than fight the racial divides they see elsewhere. This is because to be white liberal is to be righteous, which is to say superior. It goes to show that a lot of the enlightened ones still have a layer of white supremacy they wear that they can't even see. And that's why whites may never be able to help whites. 

Now where I'm about to go is controversial but I also think pragmatically. I am a problem solver at heart, and racism has been my Rubrik’s Cube lately. If white supremacy is embedded in white culture and we need to get rid of white supremacy then we may need to rid ourselves of modern day whiteness. This is not violent rhetoric or a call to kill whitey, hardly. I grew up around all shades and tend to like all races.  Additionally, by saying down with white culture would be so white. Just look what white culture has done to our Native Americans when they tried to “change” it. A quick skim of the real history reveals  genocidal murder, refusal to allow them to celebrate their religion and made them woefully dependent on the poisonous tit of Americas evaporating well of government assistance. Don’t even get me started on the poaching of the Buffalo, a backbone of Native American lives for many tribes. That's the violence that whiteness is capable of when they “help” change a culture. But this isn't a call for black power to trump white culture either. While I agree that black power and the rise of black love may tip the power balance, it will almost indefinably ensure that we are still in a POWER STRUGGLE. Something we don't need no matter who is on the winning side. What I think needs to replace whiteness is a new schema. Something like black feminism. One that calls to the intersectionality of all of us in a more conclusive manner. What I'm talking about is the push to change capitalism into something better. Because capitalism also ensures that white supremacy will thrive. The very nature of it thrives on competition and being superior. Competition that has encouraged some to use race to get ahead of others in the name of profit. It’s this nature that got a thinned skinned man elected. A man, that in the end may cause us to wake up, all of us, more in defense and attack mode than we have ever been. Because there is one thing we all can agree on....a man like this, in the most powerful seat of government, can't happen again. We all need to do better. Even if that means we have to tear the roof down to rebuild something better, Trump very well may get this done for us. In this regards, Trump may just have been the right man to get the greater side of America to finally come together to deconstruct racism and work towards its ultimate demise. As long as we continue to question everything, scrutinize our government's moves, scrutinize ourselves in an effort to work towards something greater,  something transformative,  a new world view is achievable!

By: Wellsaid

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