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Million Money March: Little Proud Kid (November 15th to November 30th)


If you found yourself reading this, it is evident that you care deeply about the future of the black community and the value of SUSU Movement. You know that there is rampant mistreatment, misuse, abuse and violence towards black people in America. We’ve seen the marches over the dead bodies in our streets. We've noted the miseducation of our youth, attack on our skin color and the plague of victimization in our society. Yes, it is true that we need real systematic change so that all people are treated equally. We've tirelessly cried, shouted and demanded for that change.  We've built national movements reminiscent of the Civil Rights era.  However, SUSU Movement truly believes we have yet to hit the oppressive system where it truly hurts, economically and with the power of our collective wealth. We have yet to boycott tyrannical companies while simultaneously building a strong fortitude of economic empowerment.  This is why SUSU Movement has created Million Money Marches, the largest crowd sourced effort to recreate Black Wall Street in the Digital Era. We've partnered with Little Proud Kid to bring you a focused and impactful community effort that is an amazing economic plan for the black community by the black community. The first Million Money March is a 2 week period lasting from November 15th to November 30th in which all of the SUSU Movement’s supporters are going to shop at Little Proud Kid, a black owned business that empowers children of all colors. LITTLE PROUD KID’s owner Georgia Lobban says this about their story, 

"Little Proud Kid is dedicated to creating products that feature and celebrate kids of ethnic and multi-cultural descent. Through the resources and products created, you will be able to teach your child to embrace their beauty, instill self-confidence and positive change. No matter your skin color, heritage, or hair style, through Little Proud Kid, you can find storybooks, dolls, photo journals, gaming products, and parenting resources to allow your children to see past their differences and embrace their cultural and physical identity. This journey is about arming our next generation with the tools and resources to lead, become good citizens and solve the problems of the world. It begins with how they feel about themselves and each other. This journey is not one I intend to go I hope that you will join me.”-Georgia Lobban 

By supporting this Money March, you do three things: 1. Receive a unique gift that supports child empowerment and development 2. Start a community effort across the country to recreate Black Wall Street in the digital era. 3. Strengthen the economic power of the black community one business at a time.

What's next? We’ll continue our Million Money Marches with the goal of producing a million dollar economic shift towards black empowerment. We’ll periodically highlight black excellence by marching towards new businesses and creations that are produced by the black community for the black community. After each Money March, we’ll show you the importance and value of our community efforts on our home page. SUSU Movement will than partner with organizations that fight the good fight like BLACK LIVES MATTER movements, activists that are changing the legal system and artists whose creations empower the minds, souls and futures of our young community.  SUSU Movement is dedicated to reaching out to our future leaders and shining the necessary light on the incredibly powerful black owned businesses and artists that span this nation. 

What you can do is share this right now, share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media sites.  Then set a reminder on your calendar that on November 15th, 2016 the Million Money March for LITTLE PROUD KID begins. When you shop, be sure to look for special SUSU products and use the discount code SUSU for a 5% bargain discount. Additionally, take a look inside the world of SUSU Movement on our Facebook feed for upcoming events, prizes and updates. 

Want to see the future plans for SUSU Movement? We have it all here. We strive on transparency so that you know exactly what we are up to and the reason why we believe our efforts will be an important and powerful spark that leads the most important shift for black lives through black power economics.

Learn how to join us by subscribing here. And be sure to take a look at our Million Money March page before you go!

With Light and Love,