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Insecure: Everything You Needed You Didn't Think You Wanted in a Black Comedy

INSECURE (HBO, Sundays @ 10:30)

I have absolutely no idea why this new Must See is titled ‘Insecure’--- what with a female lead that is anything but … YouTube’s “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” Issa Rae created and co-stars in this comedy that gives a modern perspective of the contemporary black woman. Perhaps its title suggests best friends Issa and Molly, respectively middle school teacher and high profile attorney, are Insecure because they haven’t figured out everything there is to figure out about life quite yet. You know, the way society expects post-college mid-level career women to have conquered and solved all of life’s mysteries by the ripe old age of 30-something. [Sarcasm]

Let’s introduce you to Issa – who is finally “woke” to her relationship to The Game’s, Jay Ellis who co-stars as Issa’s unemployed but “has so much potential” boyfriend. You know, the type of potential that would have one working on their business proposal for an app instead of working altogether. And Issa’s best friend, Molly, the overachieving, successful black lawyer who realizes her pussy is broke (yes – you heard me correctly) after Issa freestyles about her best friend’s no-action getting vagina during an impromptu open mic night at a club.

This hilarious sitcom pokes fun at all the awkward racist shit that white people manage to innocently pass off as nonchalant water-cooler chatter at work and the stale disillusionment that surrounds dating in one’s 30s. With perfect comedic timing, Issa manages to roll her eyes, smirk and spit freestyle rhymes through all the many mishaps that only having a misunderstanding of the black woman could bring.

By: DJ

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