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DJ's Entertainment: ATLANTA Shakes New Ground

Ever wish there was a behind the scenes of Roc a fella when they got their start? Or a comedy featuring your favorite rapper and his crew showing all the bullshit they got into before they made it big? Welcome to ATLANTA [or what I consider State Property meets Dope for you true hip-hop movie heads] --- FX newest installment that gives you an insider’s view to the black, haven’t-made-it-yet-but-on-the-come up, millennial-driven independent/unsigned rap culture.

Created, executive produced and starring Donald Glover, ATLANTA follows Earn, a Princeton drop out who currently lives with his on again off again girlfriend/baby mother and friend, Vanessa --- Alfred aka “Paper Boi”, Earn’s cousin and up and coming gangsta rapper who may or may not have shot and killed a guy in a parking lot in the opening scene of the series ---- and break out star from Short Term 12 and Straight Outta Compton’s, Lakeith Stanfield as Darius – for lack of a better description the “voice of reason” whose bizarre commentary and observations oftentimes sheds intelligence and enlightenment to this groups quirky dynamic.

ATLANTA does more than just simply follow the antics of a group of friends. Its storytelling allows you to observe the irony of being black and poor but hopeful and proud in America all while making it okay to laugh at its absurdity. From having Instagram beef with a YouTube wanna-be-famous poser to frantically extracting baby piss from one’s daughter’s diapers to pass a drug test at work – this group of young, black adults are showing us how making it in America can only be achieved through comedy, drive and failure-is-not-an-option attitude.  

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