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Vibes: Hip Hop Instrumentals

SUSU Music: Vibes

"Beat makers and Instrumentals for the new era"

An eclectic selection of sounds created by artists who are both  widely known as well as largely overlooked. We'll do our best to update and add tracks monthly.  If you are an artist, curator or just a fan of promoting black musicians please send us an email with a link for a music video.  And as always, if you like something please share it with from the SUSU Movement page, the additional traffic helps the cause.

Urban Nerd Beats

My new favorite producer.  This man is an enigma, visual genius and melodic craftsman.  Little is known about this producer other than his hustle is non-stop, dropping a new track almost weekly and his creative pull is uniquely fresh.  Check out his youtube channel below.

Beats By JBlack

"JBlack (Jimmy Stanford) is a young innovative music producer from Atlanta, Ga. As CEO and Founder of Shadow Black Entertainment, headquartered in the Washington, DC area, JBlack provides high quality rap beats for rap-artists and singers. Starting at a young age, JBlack began building a passion for music and soon began learning audio engineering concepts . Now with the help of social media, his music is being recognized worldwide, including Britain and Australia."-Reverbnation