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"DJs that keep it moving, pushing and fresh"

Black Coffee

Considering his meteoric rise to fame, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee as just another black diamond, a BEE beat magnet out to mine the insatiable upwardly mobile urban house party market. But as he proved on his South African Music Award-winning album “Home Brewed”, this DJ and producer defies convention. Sidestepping Afro-house clichés and stage-managed highs in favour of restrained sophistication, Black Coffee's penchant is for true Afropolitan house: home-brewed but fresh and future-focused. Expect almost sculptural balance and beauty.-Black Coffee on Facebook

DJ Run P

"DJ Run P and rising curator More Soup Please have put together a tremendous weekly radio show that helps you rise on those slow Sundays.  It features a masterful blend of hip hop, electric, acrobats, trap and soul to name just a few staple sounds. "-Peyton