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Get Up: Exploring New Genres

SUSU Music: Get Up

"Get up showcases the one of the many layers of music that don't always see the attention it deserves"

The Internet

"It’s also an impressive showing for a singer who never intended to sing. Growing up Sydney Bennett in Los Angeles (her stage name was a childhood nickname bestowed by her brother), Syd, now 23, built a studio in her parents’ guesthouse when she was 14. “When I started making music, I just wanted to be the producer who sang the hooks,” she says. “I wanted to be Pharrell, honestly, the one who made the beats and was in the music video with the girls.”-Time Magazine

Toro y Moi

" It's hard with music because there's so much pressure for a musician to keep a consistent streak. I feel like with acting or writing you can change styles almost anonymously or even do a serious role because you felt like doing it. But with music everyone thinks there has to be some method behind it. You can't just switch up styles, you can't just change, because people are already expecting the music to have a certain style. With this album I was thinking to just have fun with it—not overthink it but also try to find what everyone can relate to regardless of the genre or the sound."-Interview Magazine