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Mojo: Stunning Female Vocals


"A well-rounded list of female vocalists that feel like a breathe of fresh air"

An eclectic selection of sounds created by artists who are both  widely known as well as largely overlooked. We'll do our best to update and add tracks monthly.  If you are an artist, curator or just a fan of promoting black musicians please send us an email with a link for a music video.  And as always, if you like something please share it with from the SUSU Movement page, the additional traffic helps the cause.


Smooth, sexy and soulful.  SZA brings great vocals with smooth beats that goes down like a fine wine.

Laura Mvula

"I love my complexion, but like so many of us, in the early years at primary school, I grew up thinking that my dark skin wasn't a great thing. I've found freedom in music and songwriting, which has given me a freedom in how I present myself. I'm glad I've got makeup to celebrate that with. "-:Laura Mvula


“...a fresh artistic vision for the four-time Grammy winner, a daring tapestry of music, vibrant imagery, performance art and stage design.”--Ebony