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Million $ March (1) LPK


Million Money March 

SUSU known throughout the African diasporas as a community practice that served to increase the financial empowerment amongst small villages and families.  While there are large variations of a SUSU and many different accompanying names, it mainly works by taking a monthly purse from each person in a community.  At the end of each month, one person is awarded the entire dollar amount for that month.  These winners used the investments to buy adequate shelter, travel and begin new business ventures.

SUSU's Million Money March works like a traditional susu.  Periodically we will highlight a community Black owned business that could use a large financial investment, is looking to expand business and is there for the people of the community.  Imagine for a second one million people a month spending $1 dollar at a targeted black owned business.  As an individual you spend $1 a month and in the process make a generation of black millionaires.  Moreover, as a consumer you become a part of a movement.  Will you join us as we aim to create the next generation of Black economic empowerment?


Unfortunately the Money March for LPK has ended but please continue to support!

November, 2016

"SUSU" Discount Code from November 15th-November 30th

Georgia Lobban and her daughter Zola.

Little Proud Kid

Why: Little Proud Kid is our very first Million Money March because of two reasons.  They offer empowering products for all children of color and those products are created by people of color.  Georgia Lobban is a visionary creator who started LPK with the hopes of building self-esteem in black and brown children like her daughter Zola.  She aspires to have LPK grow into an epicenter for black authors, toy creators and artists.  A place where everyone can go to shop for the little loved ones in our lives and find an abundance of representation and variety of choices for the holiday seasons, birthdays and other opportunities to show love.

Peep some of the people behind the products listed on LPK's website: Crystal Swain-Bates, the creator of titles like Natural Me and Color My Fro, and Brooklyn’s Anaya Lee Willabus, the 9-year-old author of The Day Mohan Found His Confidence. With many products made by us for us LPK embodies the spirit and principles of SUSU Movement and SUSU Economics. By Money Marching with LPK we start the foundation to circulate the black dollar within the black community and begin the resurrection of a prosperous Black Wall Street in the digital era.

"Join the SUSU Campaign from November 15th to November 30th and use the SUSU 5% discount code so we can see the impact of our movement!"


How does SUSU Movement's Money Marches work and why is it important?

Click HERE for a detailed explanation of our Money March campaigns.

Will there be other opportunities to support the movement?

Yes, SUSU Movement is in the process of partnering with other businesses, artists and creators to highlight more entrepreneurs that empower the black community.  Additionally, there are many ways to support our movement.  We encourage all of our followers to support in the most impactful way possible. Some additional ways to help are to pickup a new product during our Million Dollar Marches, tell others about SUSU Movement and our economic campaigns, share the links to other networks to help us grow.

How will I know the impact of my contribution?

SUSU Movement will share the revenue increase and other stats to see just how impactful our SUSU Movement Money March with Little Proud Kid really is.  Our ultimate goal is to create the best strategy towards economic empowerment so the data will be important for all of our SUSU Movement members to properly access the impact. Be sure to check out the race to a million  goal HERE (link to a graph)