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Intern Opportunity

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Take part in a fast paced start-up company vision of entrepreneurial spirit.

We're looking for people  who have a passion for marketing, communications and online publishing as well as a desire to gain experience in an emerging market.  

All positions listed below require an estimated 120 hours of work each semester  (10-12 weeks).  Interns will work with our team, to support projects and a unique vision! This is an opportunity to develop your knowledge and abilities.

SUSU Movement is a program with meaningful work that we hope is meaningful to you too.

We want you to be in "the know" and show a willingness to experiment.  Due to our company's lean size you'll be treated as a partner who has a valued voice regarding key decisions and the overall vision.   

  • Create engaging interactions with the public through both social media posts and offline events. We can't just sit behind the desk.  The value of building a real world connection with people is too high to ignore.  If you're a people person be sure to ask about the entrepreneur events. 
  • Create and curate social media content for our various social media channels.  Blogs an images are good but maybe we can do something much more creative. Think in, outside, around and through the box. 
  • Assist team members in creating and executing marketing campaigns.
  • Write!....Writers! We have opportunities to voice your opinions as a thought partner but also in the stories we tell and the people we shine a light on.  If you're a writer or journalist be sure to find out about our feature content.  



Social Media Marketer/Writer

Blogger / Writer

Marketing Manager