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We'll work with you to design and redesign target markets with an engaged an active audience. 

Advanced Targeting

Have a target audience in mind? Co-pilot the direction by letting your account manager know who you wish to target. Here are some suggestions:

User's Followers

Is there a person or brand that your target audience likes? We'll work to build a target audience of these users. This is a proven strategy to reach people who have  shown interests in your segment as well as your competitor's market.   


Hashtags are the most commonly used form of communications and connectivity on Instagram. Cast a wide net and reach people all over the world who are interested in your specific category and offerings.  


From the east to the west and north to south!  This is an excellent choice to target a specific area. We can focus our marketing on a town, city or zip code.  Additionally, great success is possible by targeting specific events and venues.

Screen & Filter

Keep your page looking fresh & professional without the nonsense.  Our Growth Specialists are trained to engage your community while simultaneously filtering out spam and inappropriate content.

Continue Posting Content

Two options here:  A) Keep posting as you typically would and we'll handle the targeting.  B) We'll post and target for you. Want to completely delegate both Instagram and Facebook posting to us? Then check out our Facebook Services as well.

Brand Exposure & Engagement!


We've created a unique targeting method that allows for a greater number of users to see your profile.  These are real users who we've selected through a co-defined target market. If you don't want to follow your new audience, no problem.  We will still create a unique target audience without following new audience members.  

Community Engagement 

Let's get to know your audience and show some love for their support. In order to truly show mutual support we'll engage with your audience through likes, comments and direct messages.  Here's a Tip - your audience needs to be celebrated and cherished through engagement. This process works best if it's mutual.  


We'll keep your account clean by unfollowing anyone who does not follow you back.  Here's a Tip - users typically follow those with a high number of followers and a low number following.  We're here to help get that ratio right as you grow.

Community Likes

 The sum of all likes for each post has a great impact on the visibility of your business, products and services. We'll work with your community to help maximize likes to capitalize on Instagram feed mechanics.  



Pricing Details

During the consultation, we'll decide on appropriate goals and a media spending budget.  As you see results, you may want to increase or change your media spending budget.  This gives us both incentives to make our partnership work.