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SUSU Tip: Is Marketing Simply Storytelling?

There's a lot to unpack in this statement but I'll keep it brief.

A brand with a great story behind it will always outsell, outlast and outperform the brand without a story, regardless of how good the products are. Having both, a good story and great product, is a real killer combination, but one without the other is a half-baked business.

Your story is the impression that is or is not presented to your potential audience. It's the feeling one gets when they see your IG page, when they land on your website or when you speak to customers in person.

This story is made up of the things you say, the writing on your packaging, the font of your logo, the blogs that you write and the pictures that you share.

As you compile your content calendar and marketing materials be sure that your story aligns across all medians. At the very least, be sure to tell a story. Say something more than just the product/service details and specifications. 

And no more post and hope! Tell us something about the images you share, let's see the person(you) behind the camera. The artists must share why they create. People want to know.


The SUSU Team is one of partnerships and collaboration. We meet the needs of entrepreneurs and artists through our expertise and our partners creativity.

Me, Peyton Craig, I'm just I guy who reads, tests, experiments and creates. A marketing mind and helper at heart.

I've been privileged enough to run social media marketing accounts and campaigns for all sorts of businesses.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to build cultures on and offline with youth development projects.

These photos you see on the website and on Instagram are my creations. I love landscapes, crowds and textures.

I study marketing trends, mobile applications and useful tips for anyone trying to build an audience.

Still reading? Tag someone who might need this info, an entrepreneur, artists or creative. Hopefully collaboration is in our near future.

By: Peyton Craig

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