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Entrepreneur Feature: Aya's Natural Solutions for the Modern Girl


Such passion and conviction one must possess to start their own online business as a young single mother.  Ay'a hailing from Syracuse, NY used her interests in natural products and entrepreneurial spirit to create Honeylush Naturals. She's a goal setter with a vision to take her brand to the top of the house hold name list and inspire other women of color to follow their entrepreneur dreams.  Ay'a is the embodiment of dedication and that's why she deserves an Entrepreneur Feature.  

In this edition we talk to Ay'a to explore her brand and story.  See what's behind the doors of Honeylush Naturals.

SUSU: How did you come up with the idea for your Brand?

Ay'a: I was always interested in natural products, my mother has made natural things and remedies since I was a child and I continued from there. I'd really like to offer wonderful natural solutions for the modern girl as my products are geared towards women looking for something better.

SUSU: Tell us a bit about your experience launching the Brand, the ride in general, and how you were able to drive it to where it is today.

Ay'a: I just jumped in! I didn't really know what to expect but I decided to put myself out there. At first, I offered one product and then continued to build products that my customers demanded. What really helped was the support from my friends as well as social media. My shop is on Etsy, I begin the shop in late May with the goal of selling 100 items by December. I am currently at 92! Also, I was contacted by Sassbox a monthly subscription that showcases small local black businesses by women. Due to the short time schedule we were not able to make the list of products for Sassbox this month but I am hoping I will be added in coming months! Owning a shop that is relatively unknown online takes a lot of work. I depend on social media, I depend on the customers I have to spread word of mouth and to post pictures of my products. I promote daily even if that means getting kicked out of a group online or either flooding the wall with my products. As an entrepreneur, you really have to do whatever you can to gain exposure, especially when you believe your brand is better than most of the alternative well known products.  

SUSU: What advice would you give an entrepreneur interested in starting their own Brand?

Ay'a: To be consistent. And to work hard every day, its something you have to take time to develop it wont happen on its own or overnight.

SUSU: Where do you hope to see your Brand five years from now?

Ay'a: I hope to see my brand in local shops, I want it to be just as much of a household name as Carol's Daughter or Miss Jessies. I want it to continue to be solely owned by me and continue to be 100% natural. I hope that when I'm a success,I can to hire young and enthusiastic poc.

SUSU: What is the social impact you would like your Brand to have?

Ay'a: I'm not sure of social impact but if I can say anything it's that I hope I can inspire another young, single mother who has something amazing that she does and can offer. I hope HoneyLush Naturals creates a spark and women across the world say, I can do that, because they can, we all can!

SUSU: How did you come up with the name for your Brand? What is the significance behind the name of the Brand?

Ay'a: I wanted my name to be black! Let me be honest, I wanted people to know when they see the name 'this must be black owned' because it is! People use melanin a lot, along with other terms, so I felt Honey was good. Thus, HoneyLushNaturals was born.

Catch Ay'a at any of the links below and be sure to follow, support and help this spirited entrepreneur. Find more of Ay'a and HoneyLushNaturals on IG: Honeylushnaturals and FB: Honeylushnaturals.


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