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Marketing Tip of the Week: How to make a living off of your life story.

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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories that you tell.

Ask yourself a question:  Do I want to be famous? 

If you're hesitant about saying yes, you may have difficulty with this part of marketing.  However, if you said yes and enjoy the idea of all the attention that  success can bring then this next part is easy.

Be that person that never shuts up about themselves.  Tell us where you came from.  Explain how you got here.  Then paint the picture of where you are going!

There’s a good reason why “Lifestyle” brands are so buzzie nowadays.  It’s because we as people, our culture down to the very last fiber of our bodies, gets attached to stories.  And if you are a business owner, having people attached to you and your brand's story means you have people who’d like to see you succeed in the end.

Now this isn’t always the full proof plan but marketers and entertainers have long known that if you just keep people engaged long enough, get them to yearn to know  what will happen next you can then monetize the attention that you’ve garnished.  Perhaps your product or service will need to be relatable to your story, but not always. 

Let me ask, why do so many people watch Empire, Game of Thrones & Insecure or any other TV show out there?  Why do we schedule our DVR, binge watch whole seasons or wait impatiently for the next season to start?

We want to know what happens.  The main character and her/his story is something that we like to see go through the triumphs and tribulations.  And in the back of our minds we long to see the main character be victorious in the end….there’s just not that many movies out there where there isn’t a happy ending or some justification for the initial drama.

And this is a good point for a pause. Often we hide our struggle, but I’ve seen digital communities really rally for a loved entrepreneur and brand when the business publicly expresses their struggles. Whether it be of the personal type or the financial, most people like the winning team but EVERYONE is a sucker for the underdog. Americans love their comeback stories. 

 Not to belabor the point, but look at GoFundme and the millions of successful fund raising campaigns. Someone tells a story and others give their money with the hopes of having a positive impact, NO PRODUCT OR SERVICE INVOLVED!

Need a starting point? Try asking and answering your own questions. Or seek someone in the industry who knows this process. I need an outline, guidance and planning. For others, you may just want to get right to it!

And when you think you're ready, and if you are still reading, GREAT. You're the type of entrepreneur SUSU Movement would like to shine a light on.

Need some pointers on where to begin.  Check out the link for an opportunity to tell your story to over 2 thousand people and our lovely SUSU Movement community.

Get Seen!

Peyton Craig