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Tip of the Week: Content is Everywhere

In New York City, the home of the hustle, walking becomes a must. And lately it's with a camera in hand and a purpose. I'm looking around for shots and striking images to be used for business. Anything I see that strikes me can turn into content.

Take this pic from 2016 (below). I captured this on my way home from the train in 2016.

What once was a long lost image doomed for the trash folder of my iphone has now become workable content. As the image indicates free content is everywhere!

Knowing that I alone cannot continue to take workable shots and work the other responsibilities of a marketing business, I asked friends and family for support. The pic below comes from my mom’s trip to Antarctica. Using an extremely affordable app to tweak and crop the photo and another free app to transcribe the copy directly on the image I now have a concrete story and message. 



The bottom line is that through years of snapping photos and posting on social media you may be sitting on some useful content as well.

As a budding marketing agency, SUSU Movement has significant flexibility in how we interpret images and turn them into content and stories. See the image below that comes directly from the day I proposed to my beautiful wife Jamila.


Lastly, depending on your product line, service model or accompanying brand using personal images for content may not be as feasible or readily applicable. But one thing I've noticed in New York City is that inspiration is everywhere. When I’m on the street, watching TV or on the subway I’ll actively take notes on the language, framing and word choices that ads, commercial and billboards use.  The wording that the seasoned pros use is something to model and work with as you create ads and messages brand and products. This has been especially true for SUSU Movement when working with a variety of entrepreneurs and their unique stories.  There’s 1,000 ways to tell it, take notes on how others engage an audience and make it your own. 

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell

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