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[Tip of The Week] Growth Hacking Marketing: Instagram's Little Secrets

You and your business can generate massive followers through Instagram quicker than you might expect.  Instagram is a highly effective yet highly underutilized marketing tool.  For those that have tried to use IG for business but failed to see the results, you’re not alone.  And for those that tried and gave up, please look into techniques to engage a target audience. 

As IG matures, so does the intel on how to best use it for business.  There’s a calculated method that takes little time to attract a significant following and increase your audience.  Many of the more famous businesses, social media celebrities and brand influencers have hired social media marketers for a few dollars to get the growth they desired.  This growth allows entrepreneurs to stay competitive in the global market. 

However, the true strengths lie not just in numbers, but the visibility that those numbers bring. The more engagement you have with each post the greater the chance a wider audience sees your content.  Additionally, you’ll be able to engage and talk directly to your following.  Go ahead send some people a message, a special offer / coupon and test out the brand loyalty.  IG allows for an intimate relationship with your audience that’s much more personal than other forms of social media marketing.

Are you looking for that special boost? Be sure to learn whether or not your social media marketer is promoting artificial growth.  We’ve all seen it before, “Instafame” ads and statements all over our news feeds and DMs.  This is not a viable option if you are a business owner. Numbers are nice and all, but bots don’t have money to support businesses.  Real people from a targeted strategy do.  Do not make the mistake of wasting your money.  Find the right way to do social media marketing on IG that suits you and your goals, not the quick and empty solution.  The research here will save you loads of money. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

By: Peyton 

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