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Entrepreneurs Are Undoubtedly Happier

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How'd you find your last happy place?

You remember it? Good! Now savory that memory and figure out how to build a business around it. Recently, a multitude of outlets find that entrepreneurs are:

"Whether they run early-stage startups or established businesses, business owners in all regions rated their own well being higher than counterparts who didn't own a business." Forbes

"Entrepreneurship Will Make You Happier and Healthier, Research Suggests. Entrepreneurship might be stressful, but surveys suggest you'll love it anyway"

"Why 77% Of Small Business Owners Are Happier Than The Average Worker" Business Insider

I've poked my head around a large variety of work and various professional fields. Still the one thing that remains....

It's helping others. So I had to learn social media marketing (SMM) and seek partnerships to offer a robust 360 wrap around services.  Why? Because I wanted to be able to help small to mid sized businesses flourish.  Help the people with dreams accomplish those dreams and beyond.

What's your happy place?