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6 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

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ONE: "The time is ohhhh so ripe!"

What are we waiting for? With the forever changing landscape of our digital age there is no, capital NO, better time to be an entrepreneur.

TWO: "No more regrets"

If you've ever had an idea that has floated away behind the grind of a 9-5pm its time to bring it back!

THREE: "The internet has made it easier"

It's not like owning a business while juggling other responsibilities is easy but with the internet it's become much more feasible and manageable.

FOUR: "There’s a lot of help out there"

I've used and helped others use social media marketing, affordable web development tools and a whole lot of research, practice and grit to get SUSU Movement and other entrepreneurs on the right track.

FIVE: "Waiting is not an option!"

If there's one thing you take away in 2017, it's that there may not be a better time to STARTUP. It may become too competitive in the future. The content model, algorithms and cost may change to accommodate the rich corporations, the big established brands or the tech savvy only. But now, everyone can play. It's the amateurs versus the pros. A chance for David to strike down Goliath!

SIX: "You gotta get in the game and believe!"

Please take the leap of faith. Ask for help, put pen to paper, make the time to scale a hobby into a business, 30K in sales to 60K, decent sales to multiple businesses, to corporations and beyond. Just make sure you take a chance and GET IN THE GAME!