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Contains real talk on various topics including: Entrepreneurship & Business Tips; Black Film & Art; Race; Money and Economics; and more.  The collections of samples are entirely made by SUSU Movement friends, family and colleagues. 

The Crazy Story of a Father’s Gift to His Son Becoming a Fresh New Business

A young boy with the hopes of receiving the ultimate gift asked the one man who could make it happen, his father. Through sweat, dedication and love the father created something that surpassed the boy’s dream. Not only was his son astonished by the creative craftsmanship of his father but this boy’s birthday quickly became the most talked about thing amongst teens around Detroit, Michigan.

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The Entreprenuer of the Month: Awtrey Brewer - Changing the way we see the world

Well, lots of people have an idea for a business, set goals and achieve them. I can't say that I really have a business sense when it comes to photography. It's been a very gradual growth, first playing with images on my phone and putting them out there to see what friends would think. That's when I realized it was something I could be more serious about, from the response I got.

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[Tip of The Week] Buy Black, Sell All?

This is a multi-marketing feat not so easily accomplished. How does one stay true to their fan base without being labelled a sellout? Is there a middle ground? Is this really just business?  The Harvard Business Review writes that successful entrepreneurs realize that the personal is professional.  Our brands, both new and established, are a living organism that...

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How to Create a New Generation of Black Millionaires: An Introduction to SUSU Economics

There is an estimated 37 million African Americans in the United States. If everyone of us gave 3 cents to a black owned business tomorrow, that person would be a millionaire ($1,110,000). If we did this every month, we'd create 12 millionaires at a yearly cost of .36 cents per person. To take it even further, an entire year of doing this daily would create 365 new millionaires at a cost of $10.95 a year.

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