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January, 9th 2017

If like me you are a hip hop head than you'll notice something truly and genuinely unique about Crimdella and his newest project Bury Me Gold. But are there bars son?!?!? Known first for his barchitecture and hard hitting punchlines, Crimdella has since become much more than a cat who can spit. With lines that immediately magnetize you, it’s easy to see why this talented artist has gotten a shout out by the Birth Place Magazine and their list Essential New York Hip-Hop: 2016 Year-End Edition as well as But as you continue to listen you'll begin to realize why there is so much momentum and critical acclaim right now. It is his depth of character that brings you into his world with jewels of insight and wisdom. Listen to "Welcome to the World" for a familial voice for our youth who need guidance. Additional takeaways are the hooks. People just don't do it like Crimdella does anymore. With a collection of unique and refreshing sounds the entire project never goes stale.  While all tracks are standout works of art on their own, Ambi showcases Crim’s intense hunger and precision with lines like, “time gets devoted, its given movement to motives, that’s why I move ferocious, like ‘F’ all those slow approaches”. If you ever find yourself in NYC be sure to catch a live show. There is no one in this great universe with energy like Crimdella on stage. Follow the madness below to stay updated on shows and projects. Knowing Crimdella, he’s already in the lab again.



Shane Maux

November 21st, 2016

Shane Maux - Brooklyn, NY by way of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Shane Maux formerly of hip hop duo Duk Duk Goose is a rapper/singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn NY but originally from Ann Arbor Michigan.  Shane has a knack for creating honest, well-structured and sonically pleasing songs which; is a trait that some may attribute to his long history of song writing. Prior to Duk Duk Goose, Shane was a lead vocalist for a now defunct future rock band by the name of Belikos giving him plenty of practice before releasing his own solo ep, "Come Alive". Shane's definitely alive and well on this project delivering raw, emotional, honest yet quite polished lyrics over plush production that feels like a fusion of indie rock, main stream rock, trap and classic hip hop. Shane knows how to guide the listener emotionally by changing tones throughout the project, whether it be songs like the sweet "Come Alive", the sweet yet sinister intro "Lush", the more politically charged "Jan" or turn up anthems like "Smoke" and "No Problems" he maintains a human identity that is easy to connect with. One of the best attributes that he exhibits on this project is his ability craft songs in a way that is clever yet familiar. Shane approaches subjects in a way that is far from cliche and though you may have heard artists address similar matters I doubt they echo his unique perspective. On the song "Jan" which is way more political than most of the records Shane says "You're just another nigga to them, you're just another nigga to them, yall my niggaz from beginning to end, and all my niggaz will win, that's why Im never saying nigga again". He then immediately after, proceeds to say nigga multiple times in Trinidad James fashion followed by a menacing laugh which adds a light hearted touch to such a serious song. Overall, "Come Alive" is a truly human project, Shane parties, gets drunk, likes titties, has political views, reflects on life and love
and leaves listeners wanting for more.



Merc The Big Body Benz

November 12th, 2016

Merc On Stage

Merc The Big Body Benz - Jamaica Queens, NY

Merc (pronounced Merse) the big body benz is an extremely talented MC who has been literally silencing crowds in NYC for the past year and a half.  Hailing from Jamaica Queens, Merc is both gritty, intelligent and most of all, unique.  She isn't a "female rapper/songwriter", she's a force of nature and constantly reduces so called alpha males to betas every time she touches a microphone.  "They say this is a man's world, I say all men come by way of a woman" she declares at the beginning of "Goddess" which is the final track off of her debut EP "Belated Arrival".  Merc consistently asserts her dominance throughout the project with lines like "mother nature's in the building/but she a city chick, fuck a hater and they feelings".  Interestingly enough, she does an amazing job of showing a immense amount of love for her male counterparts notably her husband and son as well, maintaining a sharp and noble balance.  Merc may remind you of a young Queen Latifah with a songwriting style that somewhat resembles tupac over boompappy EPIC instrumentation. Extremely versatile, loving, dangerous, nurturing and powerful, she is definitely one to watch. Merc is femininity weaponized, trust me, you haven't heard anything like this before.



Tee Lyve

November 4th, 2016

Tee Lyve- Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Tee Lyve is a Brooklyn bread MC with a unique style and story as well as an up and coming clothing/lifestyle brand titled The LYVE Movement.  LYVE stands for Live Your Vision Endlessly which, is exactly what he does on his latest EP "The Late Bloomer" as he vividly details his life ambitions as well as the road it took to begin to realize his potential.  Lyve may remind you of a young Reasonable Doubt era Jay Z rapping passionately over new age beats, however he has a keen sense on how to make an older more nostalgic flow palatable in a new generation.  Instead of drug dealing crime stories, Lyve gives you the story of a young Brooklynite side-stepping the traps set up for young black males in urban Neighborhoods.  Lyve doesn't act like these stories do not exist, in fact he's quite familiar with and understands that narrative but offers you these images through his lens. It may have taken Lyve some time to bloom, but trust us, it was definitely worth the wait.  Check him out below and share it with your friends, don't be stingy.-Crimdella aka "Black ZeusX"



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